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Strong production strength

Innovative technology concept, efficient collaboration, gathered more than ten years of technical experience. In accordance with international quality certification.

Tailor-made quality assurance

Strict quality control and inspection system in every link from material entry to equipment shipment. The company strictly designs and manufactures according to industry standards.

A good after-sales service

With a professional team and one-stop service for customer needs, we patiently communicate with users, and provide users with innovative design solutions.


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Manufacturing manufacturers and application service providers

ZY Zhiyang Machinery specializes in designing and manufacturing powder solid preparation equipment.
ZY Zhiyang combines credible technology with continuous innovation and performance value. We are a manufacturer and
supplier of good solid preparationprocess solutions for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology
and health products, veterinary medicine, and additive industries.
  • New copy of business license
  • Famous and Excellent Brand Award
  • Science and Technology Innovation Award
  • Brand Platform Creation Award
  • New Fourth Board Certificate
  • Coating machine hot melt equipment
  • Coating machine air supply device
  • Dust removal of coating machine exhaust gas
  • Coating machine online sampling
  • Coefficient of variation certificate
Engineering case . Creating greater value
DLP fluidized granulation coating experimental machine

DLP fluidize···

Application: DLP-mini experimental machine is specially designed for research work in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Through modular design, it only needs to change the product container to realize the granulation, pel
DLP fluidized granulating coating machine

DLP fluidize···

Features: ● It combines granulation, pelleting and coating functions. ● Granulation of powder materials. ● Powder coating. ● Powder material pellets. ● Chinese medicine spray granulation and coating. ● Prepare 10-30 mesh granule
FL-B boiling granulator (one-step granulator)

FL-B boiling···

Features: ● Through powder granulation, improve fluidity and reduce dust flying; ● Improve its dissolving performance through powder granulation; ● Mix, granulate and dry in one machine to complete one-step granulation; ● Using anti
LDP-B fluid bed coating machine

LDP-B fluid ···

Application: ● Fluidized bed coating machine is a new type of particle coating equipment that organically combines fluidized coating technology and spray technology. It is widely used in membrane controlled release, matrix sustained contr
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