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Production process of solid preparation production equipment

Date:2020-02-23 07:53:08
Production process of solid preparation production equipment
Traditional Chinese medicine solid preparations are popular Chinese medicine types, accounting for about 70% of pharmaceutical preparations. They have the characteristics of convenient taking, carrying, production, transportation, and storage, and are widely used. Its production process is relatively simple, and the equipment used is relatively common. However, with the development of technology, integrated and systematic module combination procedures and equipment are being formed or will soon be formed. At the same time, the equipment is continuously updated, and traditional Chinese medicine solid preparations are continuously innovating. Not only does the solid preparation of traditional Chinese medicine enter the era of controlled release and immediate release, improves the absorption rate and bioavailability in vivo, but also improves the patient's compliance with the solid preparation of traditional Chinese medicine, and reduces or avoids the disadvantages of traditional solid preparation of traditional Chinese medicine.
In the solid preparation production equipment, during the preparation of the solid dosage form, the drug is first crushed and sieved before being processed into various dosage forms. If it is directly mixed with other components, it can be directly dispensed to obtain powder. If the uniformly mixed material is granulated and dried, it can be dispensed to obtain granules. If the prepared granules are compressed and formed, they can be prepared into tablets ; If the mixed powder or granules are divided into capsules, they can be prepared into capsules and the like.
For the general production process of tablets:
Preparation-granulation-drying-granulation-mixing-tableting-coating-packaging, the main equipment used in each production process is:
1. The main equipment used for material preparation include: pulverizer, electronic scale, shaker, etc.
(1) The pulverizer is mainly used to pulverize the material, so that the solid becomes a granular shape with an appropriate particle size;
(2) Electronic scales are mainly used to weigh materials to determine the specified weight of each component of each batch of materials;
(3) Oscillating sieve is mainly used to sieve a certain number of particles, so that the particle size of the material meets a certain size range and meets certain requirements.
2. The main equipment used for granulation are: high-efficiency wet mixing granulator, trough mixer, swing granulator and so on.
(1) High-efficiency wet-mixing granulator integrates mixing and granulation, which is a widely used model at present;
(2) Tank mixer is used to mix the materials of each component to make it uniform. Swing granules make the mixed materials into granules that meet the requirements.
3. There are two types of drying equipment: boiling dryer and hot air circulation drying box. Its main purpose is to dry the wet granules.
4. Granulation is to break up the agglomerates during the drying process to obtain the required particle size. The main equipments are swinging granulators, high-speed granulators, etc.
5. Mixing is mainly to mix the granulated dry materials in several times to achieve color difference and uniformity of the materials. The current mixing equipment mainly includes double cone mixer, V-shaped mixer, square cone mixer, three-dimensional mixer and so on.
6. Tablet press equipment mainly includes rotary tablet press, high-speed tablet press and so on.
7. Coating equipment mainly includes shaped sugar coating machine and high-efficiency coating machine.

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