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Process robustness of tablet coating machine during film coating and spraying technology

Date:2020-02-23 07:50:20
Tablet coating machine Process robustness and spraying technology when film coating
The tablet coating machine is suitable for the sugar coating and polishing of tablets and pills in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food research institutes, as well as the sugar-coated tablets in the food industry after confectionery pills or coating and polishing, which is bright in color and can prevent tablets. The oxidative deterioration of the chip can conceal the unpleasant taste of the tablet chip and can also ease the dissolution process in the human stomach. In order to make the chips evenly coated with crystals on the surface as soon as possible, and to achieve the purpose of polishing, the chips in the pot must be sprayed with syrup in several times, and then the clockwise rotation of the chips in the pot will cause the sugar-coated tablets to roll, rub and grind in the pot Make the sugar coating even. At the same time, hot air is passed into the pot to quickly remove the water on the surface of the sugar coating of the tablet, and finally a uniform and smooth sugar-coated tablet is obtained. The tablet coating machine is a common equipment for sugar coating process. It rotates at a stable linear speed of the pan body, so that the tablets form the best parabolic curve in the pan, so that the thickness of the sugar coating layer is uniform, the color is bright, and no pitting occurs.
的 Technical robustness of tablet coating machine:
The robustness of the process means that from the beginning to the end of the process, the control parameters can be changed as little as possible, and less personnel intervention is required. This ideal state can only be achieved if all aspects are excellent. As with continuous process verification, if a prescription has defects from the start of the process, it is difficult to hope to make up for it by coating. There are relatively many solid preparation processes, and sometimes there is a kind of psychological dependence. For example, the granulation output is not good because of the changes in the properties of the raw and auxiliary materials. The granulation may want to adjust the tableting process to solve the problem. The tablet cores produced are not good, and the tableting process may hope to adjust the coating process, but the problem is that coating is not a universal process and cannot cover all defects. In many cases, coating failure actually starts from granulation. Therefore, process robustness is the foundation, and the following content is optimized on this basis.
Spray range and spray distribution of tablet film coating:
The spraying range is directly related to the spray gun design, and the number, installation angle and installation distance will have a direct impact. A relatively good spray gun can generally ensure that the droplets are relatively evenly distributed throughout the spray area, and the current domestic effect is slightly worse. For the common multi-gun design coating machine, attention should be paid to avoid overlapping or leaking points in the middle of the multi-gun spraying area, affecting the uniformity of the coating layer, and of course, preventing spraying on the wall of the pot. There is no clear value for the height of the spray gun. Generally, the film coating is 30cm above the tablet bed, and the enteric coating can be lower. The angle of the spray gun should be perpendicular to the tablet bed after the waterfall, preventing the coating liquid from rebounding . There is no clear indication as to whether the spray gun is installed in the middle of the film bed or in the upper 1/3. Both positions are acceptable. Relatively speaking, installing in the upper 1/3 can take longer to dry.

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