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Wet granulator wins market with advantages of granulation process

Date:2020-02-23 07:29:37
  Wet granulator In recent years, it has become the "star" of the pharmaceutical industry. With the two-in-one process-mixing and granulation, the "three provinces"-saving time, time and effort. More importantly, the possibility of cross-contamination is effectively reduced throughout the pharmaceutical process. Therefore, the status of wet granulator in the industry in recent years is like a rising star.
  The wet mixing granulator is a solid preparation pharmaceutical equipment that has developed rapidly in recent years. The process combines the two steps of mixing and granulation, which saves time and meets GMP requirements. It reduces cross-contamination. At the same time, improving the granulation efficiency is a fast and cost-effective method, which is welcomed by users and widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.
  The wet granulator adopts stirring blades of different structural forms, which can use tangential and Z-shaped blades. The slurrying system uses a peristaltic pump and a spray gun to add the binder. The control system is realized by the use of a variable-frequency governor to control the mixing paddle motor and the granulating knife motor; the current torque of the mixing paddle reducer is displayed on the touch screen. It is a process verification equipment commonly used in laboratories in the pharmaceutical, food, dairy, chemical and other industries, and has various functions such as mixing and granulation.
  The pharmaceutical industry pays attention to rigor, so it cannot be careless in purchasing pharmaceutical equipment, but some pharmaceutical equipment is not easy to debug, so the wet granulator effectively solves this problem.
  The granules made by the wet granulator have an irregular shape and a uniform particle size distribution. The structure is better than other traditional granulation processes. It has strong compressibility, good solubility and moderate moisture permeability. At different granulation speeds, the particle size is between 12 and 100 mesh. The distribution range can be selected by different granulation blade speeds and stirring blade speeds. (When the granulation speed is slow, the particle size becomes larger, and the rotation speed gradually Speed ??up and the particle size gradually becomes smaller; when the speed of the stirring paddle is slow, the particle size is small, the speed is gradually increased and the particle size is gradually increased, the effects of the two are just opposite).
  The above is a brief explanation of the wet granulator. It has won the favor of the majority of pharmaceutical manufacturers from the advantages of the granulation process. If you want to know more about some wet granulators, you can pay more attention to Changzhou Zhiyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

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