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Check points before using the vacuum dryer

Date:2020-02-22 09:40:50
Check points before using the vacuum dryer
Check before using the vacuum dryer
1.Before use, the vacuum dryer must check whether the transmission system is running normally and whether the fastening parts are tight;
2, whether the parts to be lubricated have been filled with oil;
3. Whether the instrument, meter, various pumps and valves are normal;
4. Check whether the meters, buttons, and indicators of the electric control cabinet are normal, check whether the grounding wire is good, whether there is leakage, and short circuit exists;
5. Check that the water, liquid and steam in and out of various pipes should be unblocked;
6. Check if the speed control button is in the zero position;
7. If it is heated by steam, check whether the water in the drum jacket of the dryer is drained completely. After draining the water in the jacket, close the bypass and open the trap;
8. Check whether the outlet of the dryer drum and the manhole are closed, and the screws are tightened;
9. Check whether the inside of the dryer drum is clean. Check the drum bag inside the dryer frequently for blockage and damage. Clean and replace it in time to keep the vacuum open.
10. Check whether the discharge tools are complete and clean;
11. Before starting the dryer, make sure that there are no people around the equipment and there is no obstacle before starting.
Notes for vacuum dryer:
1. When the vacuum dryer is not used for continuous pumping, the vacuum valve should be closed first, and then the power of the vacuum pump motor should be closed, otherwise the vacuum pump oil should be poured into the tank.
2. When removing the processed items, if the flammable items are processed, the temperature must be cooled below the combustion point before the air can be put in to prevent the oxidation reaction from causing combustion.
3. It is forbidden to put explosives to dry.
4. If the drying time is longer and the vacuum degree decreases, you need to pump again to restore the vacuum degree. You should first turn on the vacuum pump motor switch and then the vacuum valve.
5. After the vacuum is released, it is not easy to open the door immediately due to the deformation of the seal ring and the glass door. It takes about 30 minutes to open the door conveniently.

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