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What is the reason for the difficulty in discharging the boiling granulation dryer?

Date:2020-02-23 07:51:24
What is the reason for the difficulty in discharging the boiling granulation dryer?
The boiling granulation dryer is a device (one-step granulation) that integrates mixing, granulating, and drying in the same closed container at one time. Suitable for mixing, granulating and drying powdered materials. Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, light industry and other fields. This dryer has a beautiful shape, small wind resistance, no dead corners, easy cleaning, and meets GMP requirements.
Analysis of the reasons for the difficulty of discharging from the boiling boiling granulator dryer:
1. There may be a bearing problem in the dryer, which will cause the machine to run abnormally and the working current will fluctuate. The operating current is too high (stop checking or replacing bearings).
2. The ring die is blocked, or only part of the die hole is discharged. The foreign material enters the ring die, the ring die is out of round, the gap between the pressing roller and the pressing die is too tight, the pressing roller is worn or the pressing roller bearing is damaged and cannot be rotated, which will cause the granulator to vibrate (check or replace the ring die and adjust the pressing roller gap).
3. The coupling is unbalanced, there is a deviation between the height and the left and right, the granulator will vibrate, and the gear oil seals are easy to damage (the coupling must be calibrated to the horizontal line).
4. The main shaft is not tightened, the main shaft loosens, which will cause axial back and forth movement, the pressure roller swings obviously, the granulator is noisy and vibrates, and the granulation is difficult (need to tighten the tail spring of the main shaft and the round nut).
5. Big and small gears are worn or replacement of a single gear will also generate a lot of noise (need to run-in time).
6. Uneven feeding at the outlet of the conditioner will cause large fluctuations in the working current of the granulator (the blades of the conditioner need to be adjusted).
7. When using a new ring mold, it is necessary to prepare a new pressure roller, and configure a certain proportion of sand bran to grind and use it after polishing (to eliminate the use of inferior ring molds).
8. Strictly control the time and temperature of quenching and tempering, and grasp the moisture of the raw materials at any time. If the raw materials are too dry or too moist, it will cause abnormal discharge and make the granulator work abnormally.
9. The steel frame structure is not solid. The steel frame vibrates during the normal operation of the granulator, and the granulator is prone to resonance (the steel frame structure must be strengthened).
10. The tail of the conditioner is not fixed or is not firmly fixed, which will cause shaking (requires reinforcement).

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